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Fiery Style : Wilder than Flame

      W hile finding a fantastic Mexican food restaurant in Manila used to be a nearly impossible feat — these days, it seems there’s a worthwhile Fil-Mex Shop dotting Metro neighborhoods, well, just about everywhere! ---------- ------- Philippines is a gastronomic haven filled with distinctive flavors of wilderness. Her passion for food has been perpetually shown by an array of cultures confecting one local culinary tradition. And since her archipelago lies on the wild bed of Pacific—prominently served as route for early colonizers—her culture became diversed. The rich history seemed to fuel up wilderness as the country grow with intact connection to Western culture. As a testament,  Spanish delights such as nachos and paella have ubiquitously seen over Filipino food map  nowadays.  If you are a person having a big heart for steak and nachos, but still in search for the best, you might like to visit Fiery Style Restaurant. It is one of the latest cantinas to pop up, s