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Roberto's : A traveller's kitchen you need to visit

          Being propelled by the millenial-inspired food blogging—or what we oftenly called as "food porn"—travellers have also started to fuel up their dreams with a taste of flavors right from the dinner table of the places they visit. Personally, food culture and tradition perhaps brew the most important part of a travel experience. Although we do not necessarily select a destination for its food notoriety, meals eventually become the anchor of our experiences. That is how the story of "Robertos" in some point goes. Being a foodie, its my perpetual affair to indulge in a flavor where I can truly find the satisfaction I zeal of. And since I have this "Pinoy" tastebuds lying on the pallette of my tongue, I fall easily to meals offering wild, yet authentic flavors redefined by utmost skills of a passionate chef. Henceforth, I have this heart to embrace delicious meals especially when it commemorate rich and historical tales. If you are a pe